Notice of opening a new office

Thank you very much for your kindness and sincerity.
Thank you very much for your special high priority every time.

This time, INFLUX Co., Ltd. will open a new head office from March 4, 2019. Here, we will be opening in anticipation of an increase in the number of employees accompanying business expansion, but we would be pleased if we could reaffirm our determination and energy future that led to this decision.

With the vision of “renewable main power”, our company has been searching for new energy. Private Hoshino, who has served as our representative, also invested in the solar power business about seven years ago when the Japanese power purchase system began, and said that it is a large-scale power plant that is said to be more than 30 renewable energy plants We have contributed to the construction. We appreciate these achievements and, with the cooperation of our overseas partners, we are rapidly accelerating and rapidly expanding our efforts to realize our vision on a global scale.

Currently, we are developing a mega solar power plant development project at 11 bases in Japan, and in addition to this, we have launched a large-scale offshore wind power project in Nagasaki and Saga Prefecture. In addition, on the global stage including India and Korea, in addition to the development of mega solar power plants with 3 GW or more, we are also promoting projects such as onshore wind power generation and offshore wind power generation as needed.

In recent years, all incidents such as natural disasters and regional conflicts that have occurred around the world have repeatedly appealed to humanity the need for new energy. It is not an energy that is too strong to harm people’s lives, but a clean, sustainable kind energy that this beautiful nature gives all life on this planet.

As one of the largest next-generation energy companies in Japan, we will continue to contribute to the creation of a future of electricity based on renewable energy from the four perspectives of “sunlight,” “wind,” “bio,” and “capacitor.” . At the new office, I will do my best to repay my feelings for the daily patronage, and I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Best regards
March 4, 2019

New Address: 6-7-21 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Sumitomo Real Estate Onarimon Ekimae Building 10F
Representative director Atsushi Hoshino